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Radon Mitigation Boulder Colorado


Radon Safety LLC has been proudly offering Radon Mitigation Systems in Boulder since 2009 and in these last 10 years we have done Radon remediation on hundreds of homes here.  We’re a family owned business that has grown to be one of the largest purchasers of wholesale radon supplies in the USA. While virtually all radon companies rave about how they have “industry leading guarantees,” we actually live that commitment every day and we get rewarded by our customers with outstanding reviews on the top platforms.  We have nearly 250 customer-published reviews – often 5-10 times as many as other Radon Contractors – and we urge prospective customers to really dig deep and look at these closely to get a sense of how we work hard every day to live up to the promises that we make to our customers.


Radon Testing Boulder – What’s Next?

Customers in Boulder often contact us after Radon Testing or a Radon Inspection has revealed high Radon levels and they’re typically very concerned about radon exposure and the health of their family.  They’re looking not just for information on Radon Mitigation Costs…but also an assurance that this is a problem that we can get handled for them. And it’s one of our goals to help people rest easy and know that when we install a radon reduction system that we’ll get their radon levels down to a safe level.


Radon Remediation Can Be a “Process”

As it says on the very top of our home page the number one thing that a person shopping for a radon system in Boulder should know is that “Radon mitigation is sometimes very difficult.”  It’s not always easy. Sometimes we need to work on a home multiple times to get the levels low. This is true of all Radon Companies. But you do need to know that going in. Getting maximum Radon Abatement in your home could be a longer partnership between you and the company than you were expecting.


How to Learn More About Radon Mitigation in Boulder

We’re eager to help!  You can scan the rest of our site.  We’ve put a lot of effort in publishing quality information about Radon Gas Testing, Radon System Effectiveness, Radon Reduction System Differences and many other topics.  You can fill out a proposal request located here and we’ll get you a bid via email. Or you can call our office any time and say you live in Boulder and you’d like a proposal.  We’re also available by phone or email to answer any questions you have.


Boulder Homes and Radon Abatement

The Boulder area has about 300,000 residents and about 137,000 housing units. 

A good number of the homes are older or unique and that makes Radon Mitigation more challenging in the Boulder area.   We typically do a lot of “Core” Type radon venting systems here as there are fewer engineered foundations with french drains.  The sump pits we see in Boulder are often retrofitted rather than built during original construction making for trickier radon mitigation system installations.


Radon Gas Levels in Boulder Colorado

The Boulder area tends to have gravelly type soil with higher concentrations of granite and therefore Radon gas and Uranium byproducts.  Radon levels tend to be higher than average in Boulder because of this. According to the Boulder County Healththe majority of homes in Boulder test high for Radon levels.  There is also a sad but informative video about a Wellington woman’s battle with Radon on the Boulder County Radon Page. 

Radon Safety LLC’s First Radon System in Boulder was in 2009

It was a very difficult mitigation in Old North Boulder off of Alpine Ave and we learned A LOT on that project 🙂 Since then we’ve done hundreds of Radon Remediations on homes in Boulder.

Radon Safety LLC Has Been Serving Boulder Since 2009.

A No-Risk, No Hassle, Free Way to Learn More

We offer a quick, easy 20 minute estimates to provide you with pricing and other valuable information. Just call our main office line at 303-462-5000 and say, “I saw you on the web and I’d like to get a proposal for a Radon Mitigation System” and we can set up a time that works for you. You’ll never get any sales-pitch whatsoever. We love to do these no-charge consultations, even if you’re not ready to move forward right now. Our goal is to make it as easy and painless as possible to look into this with no-strings attached. (We’re also happy to do phone consultations to give you the basics and answer any questions you have.)

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