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How Does Radon Get In & How We Remediate It?

How and Why Radon Gas Enters Your Home

Radon enters a home because the air pressure IN the lowest level of the home is slightly lower than the pressure in the soil gas UNDERNEATH the home.  

As an example…if you had a fan forcing air into the lowest level of your home and creating positive pressure in the basement then no radon would come in.  Unfortunately it’s almost never practical to fix radon this way… but it does illustrate the point.  

The reason the lowest level of your home has lower pressure than the soil beneath it is because heat rises. The rising air leaves your lowest level and it flows upward in your home creating what is known in building science terminology as the “stack effect.”

As it flows out of your lowest level…the pressure needs to equalize and it draws in air from the most available source…it draws in soil gas through the gaps, cracks, spaces, plumbing penetrations in your basement floor.   This soil gas contains radon.

Your Basement is More Porous than it Looks

People sometimes tend to think of their basement like an inverse porcelain bathtub…they often have a general sense that the concrete shell is airtight and watertight and would or will hold water or air out.   But as homeowners with water against their foundation know…all that concrete is really just pieces touching together.  Your basement is floor is NOT airtight.

And it’s filled with other “entry points” like plumbing penetrations, drains, etc.  Air and water enter easily.  And sealing the gaps with caulking or sealants can sometimes help a little bit…but ultimately that’s a losing battle. Caulking and sealing alone is not a dependable or long lasting way to reduce radon. 

How Our Radon Systems Achieve Radon Abatement

Radon Safety LLC installs systems that are based on the concept of Active Soil Depressurization.  ASD is taught by the most experienced educators and trainers in the “radon world” and is based on years of collaborative testing and research.  

When we build an ASD system, we create something that is essentially a giant vacuum cleaner.  To a small degree the system “vacuums” away the radon.  But to a larger degree, this vacuum system creates an area of lower air pressure under your basement floor.   

When the pressure under your home is lower than the pressure inside the lowest level, the soil gas under your home is no longer the most available source to provide the necessary air to your basement for pressure equilization.  

The soil gas…that contains radon…stays right where it is [or is drawn out through our system] and it doesn’t enter your home.

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