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How Much Does Radon Mitigation Cost?

When shopping for a Radon System people often wonder…

“Where Do These Prices Come From?”


“Why Does This House Cost More to Mitigate than my Last Home?”

One of the Hardest Things about Radon Mitigation is that Each Home is Unique.

Because of that… we’re playing the odds and probabilities. We can’t know for sure what will happen when we install a radon mitigation system so we need to draw on experience to make an educated guess and then adjust things if levels don’t respond as we expected.

When we price a radon system we need to estimate how much materials we’ll need, how much time in labor it will take, and how much risk do we have of making return trips at our expense.

We Start by Asking About 25 Questions About the Specifics of Your Denver / Front Range Home

This usually gives us enough information to generate a proposal. These are things that most homeowners can answer and they give us an idea of what we’ll need to do to lower the radon levels in your home.

***You can also fill out an online radon mitigation system proposal request by going to THIS LINK.

We ask about things like:

What is the most recent radon level? How old is your home? Do you have a basement? Does it have a concrete floor? Does it have a crawlspace? If so…how large? Does it have a sump pit? [For a sump pump — usually like a plastic barrel sunk in the basement floor] How many square feet is the house? And the basement?

In most cases…after just this brief phone consultation… we can email you a 4 page proposal that outlines what you’ll need for radon mitigation and a price. We’ve done tens of thousands of systems and know generally what to expect. From time to time we mess up and lose money on a job…but that’s the nature of the business.


And finally… keep in mind… Radon Mitigation Contractors are NOT regulated in Denver or Colorado!

Anyone can start their own radon company today and pay for top positions on internet searches tomorrow…and be at someone’s house that day. If you see prices that feel suspiciously low…pay close attention.

Cost Differences in Radon Systems – Home Factors

All radon contractors have different prices for different homes… this section is designed to explain the basics of how and why that is..

Foundation Characteristics & Mitigation

Does the home have a crawl space or any exposed dirt? [These often need to be covered with membrane and sealed around the edges with caulking and this uses significantly more materials and labor.]
Does the house have a foundation drain? These drains can be called many things: perimeter drains, sump pit drain, drain tile, etc.
When we can use these drains it makes the system work better and it avoids situations where we need to make return trips fixing, tuning and adding on to the system.


The Age, Size, & Design of the Home

Older homes often can be more difficult and sometimes cost more..though not always.
Larger homes that don’t have a usable drain – can sometimes cost more.
Larger and older homes can sometimes have multisection crawlspaces and those are always labor intensive.
Complex homes with multiple, connected foundations are usually more costly.


Location of the Home – In Denver [& Northern Front Range] vs the Foothills

Most radon contractors charge more for homes that are in remote locations of their Service Areas – such as the Foothills – for the simple reason that transportation costs are higher, more time is needed, and if a return trip is needed… it usually takes a technician “out of the field” for a half day or more.


What About Pre-Mitigation Radon Tested Level?

People are often surprised to learn that starting with a higher radon level usually doesn’t add to the price of a radon mitigation system. One contributing factor to high radon levels is the ability for air to move around under a home. For instance, a home that has gravel underneath it or a good drain system can sometimes have high radon levels because the air that can move easily under the home often ends up IN the home. The good news is that in homes like that all we need to do is reverse that radon gas airflow and the levels plummet quickly.

There are exceptions to this. For example, we’ve worked on homes in mining towns that are actually constructed on mining tailings (the rock, sand, soil and minerals removed from the earth during mining) and those homes have very high levels and were very expensive to mitigate.


Radon Testing Costs

Getting a radon test in the Denver / Front Range area can be done in one of several ways. Home Radon Test kits cost between $20 and $50. An in-home professional radon test can be done by a certified professional with a sophisticated radon detector for $100 to $250. If you’d like this…we can refer you to an impartial radon tester [who doesn’t have the conflict of interest by selling radon mitigation systems.] We provide free kits to our customers and offer them to non-customers for about $10.

How Much Does a Radon Mitigation System Cost in Denver?

The Commonly Published Answer is…

Radon mitigation systems average cost nationally is $800 to $1,200 for basic radon mitigation systems.

That increases to $2000 when you get into very unusual home or those with larger crawl spaces for additional materials and labor costs. And $3000 to $5000 can be possible for complex or unusual homes.

***This is the range that the US EPA, Kansas State University’s radon program, and many others have quoted in the past.***

“Contractor Referral Services” quote Denver Area Radon Mitigation System Costs like these:

  • Sub Slab: $800 to $2500
  • Drain-Based Systems: $800 to $1800
  • Sump Pit: $800 to $2500
  • Crawl Space: $1000 to $4000

Radon Safety LLC Discounts and Our Radon Mitigation Specials

With our experience, reputation, and commitment to quality materials our “pricing sheet” prices tend to be towards the upper end of the range described in the “Commonly Published Answer” section above. “$800 to $1200 for Basic Systems”

BUT… we’re almost always running specials that move the final price down to the lower or middle of that range!

In this case…you can get a premium radon mitigation system for a discount mitigation system price! [Check out all the differences on our System Differences page by clicking here]

Again… please remember each home is unique so you need to get a proposal to KNOW where we can price a particular radon mitigation project. We do quite a few houses at $2000 and even $3500… so please call for an actual proposal for an accurate number.


A No-Risk, No Hassle, Free Way to Learn More About Radon Mitigation Cost

We offer a quick, easy 20 minute estimates to provide you with pricing and other valuable information. Just call our main office line at 303-462-5000 and say, “I saw you on the web and I’d like to get a proposal for a Radon Mitigation System” and we can set up a time that works for you. You’ll never get any sales-pitch whatsoever. We love to do these no-charge consultations, even if you’re not ready to move forward right now. Our goal is to make it as easy and painless as possible to look into this with no-strings attached. (We’re also happy to do phone consultations to give you the basics and answer any questions you have.)

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