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About Radon Fans

Sometimes radon shoppers will ask us technical questions like…

 “How many CFM [Cubic Feet per Minute] is the fan you’re going to use?”  

This is sort of like calling a Doctor you haven’t visited yet to ask how they’ll treat you.  We need to begin the process before we’ll have enough information to answer that question.  

Our answer is that we will give you whatever type of fan you need to best solve your problem.  Depending on your foundation we’ll start with one type of fan and change it on the spot or later if – based on our experience or test results – we think it isn’t working.  

We also need to consider noise, energy usage, and appearance when choosing a fan

We inventory at least 4 or 5 types of Radon Fans from at least 2 or 3 different manufacturers.  Some examples are:

  • Medium Suction / Medium Volume.  These are our most commonly used fans.  They move a good volume of air [think: the blades in the housing are spinning fast] but it also has the ability to “suck” a good deal of pressure [think: the fan blades in the housing move powerfully and don’t slow down easily when they encounter resistance.]  
    • Examples: AMG Maverick (220 CFM /1.88 WCI)    Fantech FR-150 (243/1.6) Radonaway (173/1.7)

  • High Suction / Low Volume.  These are used on homes with “tight” soil.  The doesn’t move much under the home. It’s not very permeable.   There isn’t “good communication” between two points under your home.  These fans are typically be used on “Core” systems and rarely on sump pit or crawl space systems                      

    • Examples: AMG Eagle (124/3.98)             Radonaway GP-501 (120/4.2)

  • Medium Suction / High Volume.  These can overcome a number of issues that are tough to pin down (ex: semi clogged foundation drain, porous under-slab, gravel bed) and they’re good for a variety of circumstances that require a fan upgrade.  
    • Examples: AMG Legend (353/2.6)            Radonaway RP-265 (327/2.2) Fantech FR-220 (345/2.46)

 That is a basic introduction to give you a general idea of how this works.

This detailed discussion of fans brings to mind another point of contrast in the question: Aren’t all radon companies the same?  The simple fact is that there are a lot of radon mitigation contractors who don’t have a warehouse filled with different types of radon fans.  Fan expertise comes from a great deal of study and experimentation, trial and error.   And investment. And it’s sometimes not as simple as just using what’s “on the truck” or what is the least expensive.  

A No-Risk, No Hassle, Free Way to Learn More

We offer a quick, easy 20 minute estimates to provide you with pricing and other valuable information. Just call our main office line at 303-462-5000 and say, “I saw you on the web and I’d like to get a proposal for a Radon Mitigation System” and we can set up a time that works for you. You’ll never get any sales-pitch whatsoever. We love to do these no-charge consultations, even if you’re not ready to move forward right now. Our goal is to make it as easy and painless as possible to look into this with no-strings attached. (We’re also happy to do phone consultations to give you the basics and answer any questions you have.)

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