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Are all systems the same?

Absolutely not! Systems have a tendency to make the largest Radon level change when they’re first installed, then after that they can fluctuate. The only way to get the Radon level as low as possible for as long as possible is to install the best system possible. A lot of these guys try to get away with selling you a cheap system and a deluxe guarantee – I would be wary of this. Factors that affect long term system performance include:

  • taking the time and effort to create a huge suction zone
  • having the expertise to know the most effective location for suction points
  • investing in the best fan size, power and reliability rating
  • choosing the safest air discharge location and using the skill to get the venting to that point
  • avoiding shortcuts with interior sealing: generous amount, high quality, and application skill (many skip this altogether)
  • Installing top quality vent pipe materials and effectively supporting it to protect it from leaking Radon into the home.
  • and many, many other things.

Everyone claims expertise in these things but we fix other’s systems all the time and believe me… most systems are only a fraction as good as they could be!

We sell Radon Reduction Systems that are so good we will fix them if they fall short anytime in the first ten years AND we offer multiple free re-tests so you will know how your system is performing! When it comes to Radon Systems, we are “in it together” with you and will fight relentlessly to keep your home safe.


Aren’t all Mitigators the Same?

No way! There are some awesome ones, but there are many who do huge sales volume and sell lousy systems that violate EPA protocol right and left. Some are so bad it is hard to believe. These guys offer what appear to be great guarantees and have good websites and “endorsements,” and they trick a lot of people, so be careful. If you don’t like us for some reason, we’ll be happy to recommend a top pro, but avoid these guys no matter what.

Real Dangers to Avoid with Your Radon System

Any of these could actually make your home MORE Dangerous… if you don’t have an expert handle your project.

Combustion Back Drafting

Most furnaces and water heaters create dangerous carbon monoxide filled exhaust that needs to be vented to the exterior of your home. When you install a Radon Mitigation System you are adding an air movement system that can create negative pressure in the basement (if not installed properly) and inhibit this normal exhaust flow. Make sure your Mitigation Company is an expert in avoiding this problem and does thorough testing when completed to make sure your home stays safe.

Pumping Radon INTO Your Home

Never allow anyone to locate any fan INSIDE the living space of your home that draws up soil gasses from beneath it. If the fan were to break, it would be pumping your home full of Radon. Also, make sure the entire interior Radon Pathway structure is made of only the highest quality materials, is fully protected and supported in all areas, and is completely airtight.

How To Ensure Your System CONTINUES to Perform at a High Level Over Time

Simple… Install the best system possible and deal with a company that will stand behind it no matter what.

A No-Risk, No Hassle, Free Way to Learn More

We offer a quick, easy 20 minute estimates to provide you with pricing and other valuable information. Just call our main office line at 303-462-5000 and say to Patricia “I saw you on the web and I’d like to get a proposal for a Radon Mitigation System” and we can set up a time that works for you. You’ll never get any sales-pitch whatsoever. We love to do these no-charge consultations, even if you’re not ready to move forward right now. Our goal is to make it as easy and painless as possible to look into this with no-strings attached. (We’re also happy to do phone consultations to give you the basics and answer any questions you have.)

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